MATERIAL: natural or combined.


YOU NEED: crepe satin of 150 αm width; 1 zipper;

1 button.




1. Skirt panel - 4 details

2. Waistband - 1 detail


Fusing: waistband.




1. Strengthen the waistband with fusing (press thermal interfacing on the wrong side with hot iron).



2. Sew back center seam under the split mark. Sew front center seam and side seams. Press allowances apart. Press cut allowances to wrong side.


3. Tuck zipper to zipper allowance in back center seam. Topstitch on right side on 0.5 cm distance.


4. Sew waistband on waistline right sides together. Press seam allowances into the band. Fold the band right sides together on half the width and sew ends. Tuck the waistband, fold under the inner edge and pin so that inner edge overlaps the joining seam 2 mm. Topstitch closely in the right side along the edge.


5. Work button hole into the waistband left end, sew button on right one.


6. Turn over hem allowance along hemline, press topstitch on 0.5 cm distance from edge.