MATERIAL: soft wool.


YOU NEED: gabardine of 150 m width; 3 zippers; fusing.




1. Front panel facing - 1 piece

2. Back panel facing - 2 pieces

3. Front panel - 1 piece

4. Side part of front panel - 2 pieces

5. Back panel - 2 pieces

6. Strengthener - 2 pieces


Fusing: strengthen facings with fusing.




1. Sew darts into back panel and press them towards center.


2. Turn zipper allowance of front panel and front panel side part into wrong side. Insert the zipper between zipper allowance with its teeth open and tack. Underlay the strengthener under zipper and topstitch the zipper from right side.


3. Sew front center seam from the zipper mark down to slit. Sew zipper in.


4. Press slit allowance into wrong side and topstitch.


5. Sew side seams.


6. Sew side facing edges. Face facings and skirt waistline right sides together, then work. Fold facing into wrong side, tack open edge. Fold front center seam of facing under and sew it to zipper band.


7. Topstitch joining seams of skirt sides on 0.5 cm distance.


8. Turn over hem allowance, press and topstitch.