YOU NEED: nylon poplin of 140 αm width; cell lining.


MATERIAL: light well-forming material.




1. Front panel - 1 folded detail

2. Back panel - 2 details

3. Pocket - 2 details

4. String stripe of 1 meter length and 3 αm width, including allowance.


Lining: front and back panels.


Fusing: strengthen one-piece facings of front panels with fusing. Additionally press lining stripe of 5 cm width along panels upper edges (cut stripes in accordance with edge forms).




1. Press pocket allowance along each pocket entrance into wrong side; fold to 1 cm width and topstitch along the edge on 0.75 cm distance. Press allowance of front and lower pocket edges into wrong side.


2. Pin the pocket on front panel coinciding side and upper panel and pocket edges. Topstitch the pocket along front and lower edges on 0.75 cm distance. Tack side and upper edges.


3. Sew back center seam downwards slit mark. Press slit allowance to the left, make a notch on right allowance near slit upper end.


4. Sew side seams, press allowance apart.


5. Press hem allowance of 7 cm width into wrong side and topstitch on 6 cm distance from hem edge. Pres back slit allowance into wrong side; topstitch it along edges and without stopping the stitch topstitch front left panel alongside seam.


6. Sew seam into lining (sew back center seam downward slit mark). Tack waistlines of fabric and lining wrong sides together. Undersew the lining hem so that it was 2 cm shorter than fabric hem. Fold under lining lower slit allowance and sew to slit edges allowance.


7. Work loops on the waistband accordingly to marking. Press the one-piece facing of waistline (3 cm width) into wrong side and topstitch for drawstring on 2 cm distance.

On string stripe, press lengthwise edges into wring side on 0.75 cm width. Fold the stripe along the center, topstitch the ends along edge. Pull in the string into waist drawstring, made nods at its ends.