MATERIAL: light: wool or combined material, as crepe or gabardine.


YOU NEED: wool crepe of 150 αm width; lining; fusing; 3 buttons.




1. Front panel - 2 details

2. Back panel - 1 folded detail


Lining: front panels (excluding facing width) and back panel.


Fusing: strengthen one-piece facings of front panels with fusing. Press additionally fusing stripe of 0.5 cm width along waistline (cut stripes in accordingly to waistline shape).




1. Sew side seams into fabric and lining.


2. Turn one-piece facing into right side, sew lining to facing edges. Do not sew 10 cm from the lower edge.


3. Fold lining and facings into wrong side.


4. Undrsew the skirt. Undersew the lining so that the lining was 2 cm shorter than fabric skirt. Sew open seams of the lining. Sew facings to hem edge.


5. Work button holes according to marking into front panels upper corners. Sew buttons correspondingly to button holes. Sew the third button as decorative according to marking.