MATERIAL: dense cotton material, denim or cotton velvet.


YOU NEED: cotton velvet of 150 αm width; fusing; 4 buttons.




1. Patched pocket - 1 detail

2. Back panel - 1 folded detail

3. Upper part of front panel - 1 detail

4. Lower part of front panel - 1 detail

5. Patched pocket flap - 2 details

6. Belt loop - 1 detail

7. Front panel upper part facing - 1 detail

8. Front panel lower part facing - 1 detail

9. Back facing - 1 folded detail


Fusing: flap, facings.




1. Strengthen the facings and one pocket flap detail with fusing (press thermal interfacing to left side with hot iron).


2. Sew darts and side seams.


3. Fold flap details right sides together, sew the outer edges, tuck, press and topstitch along the edge on 5 mm distance.

Make small pleats on patch pocket according to marking, press and topstitch on 3 mm distance from bends.

Press inside pocket top allowance, fold the edge under and sew along the edge.


4. Press outer edges of pocket into wrong side, put the pocket on the garment according to marking and topstitch: first – pocket side edges (do not catch small pleats), then lower edge.

Sew turned upwards pocket flap on the skirt right side. Turn the flap downwards, press and topstitch with double stitches.


5. Sew side seams of facings. Sew them to waistline right sides together, then work and press. Topstitch decoratively the waistline right side closely along the edge.


6. Turn over slit and hem allowance, press and topstitch.


7. Fold long edges of belt loop right sides together, sew along long edges, tuck, press and topstitch. Cut into six pieces. Turn pieces in short sides and closely topstitch. Turn under the open sides and topstitch to waistline (according to darts of front and back panels) and to side seams


8. Work button holes in accordance with marks. Sew buttons accordingly.