Linen of 150 m width; 1 hidden zipper of 22 cm length.




1. Front panel - 1 detail

2. Back panel - 1 folded detail

3. Waistband - 1 detail




1. Sew darts into front and back panels and press them towards front and back centers.


2. Topstitch pleats into front panels from left side up to the mark. Tuck and press pleats toward the side seam; do not press pleats below marks. Tack pleats along waistline.


3. Topstitch side edges excluding zipper space in left side seam. Sew zipper in.


4. Press the waistband along center with right side out. Then lay it plane and press one of long edges into bend. Press the second long edge 2 cm before bend. Fold the waistband along pressed bend. Pull waistline into, with its wider part lying on wrong side. Fold waistband near zipper under and topstitch it from right side along edge.


5. Turn over hem allowance along hemline, press and topstitch.