TWO-SEAM SKIRT (available in English)


MATERIAL: silk or wood crepe, gabardine.



Crepe of 150 cm width; 1 zipper of 20 сm length; 1 button; clue interfacing for waistband.




1. Back panel - 1 folded detail

2. Front detail - 1 folded detail

3. Waistband - 1 detail


Clue interfacing: strengthen waistband with clue interfacing.




1. Sew darts into front and back panels.


2. Sew side seams. Leave free zipper split in left side seam.


3. Sew zipper in.


4. Sew waistband and waistline right sides together. Leave closure allowance at back right end. Sew waistband ends. Fold inside edges of the waistband under and topstitch on right side along the joining seam. Work a button hole into left end of the band and sew button to right one.


5. Turn over hem allowance along hemline, press, then sew by hand.