STRIPE SKIRT (available in English)


MATERIAL: light combined material.


YOU NEED: crepe georgette of 150 m width; 1 zipper; 4 buttons; 6 eyelet details; clue interfacing; tie.




1. Left panel - 1 detail

2. Right panel - 1 detail

3. Collar turn-ups - 1 detail


Clue interfacing: strengthen collar turn-ups with clue interfacing.




1. Sew darts into panels. Press back darts into center and cut side ones to 1 cm width, then work and press into front.


2. Sew back center seam, press allowances apart.


3. Fold collar turn-ups and right panel right sides together and work them. Cut working seam allowance to 0.4 cm, turn the collar turn-ups into wrong side, work and press it.


4. Work allowances of upper lower and front edges of left panel, press them into wrong side and topstitch.


5. Press the bow pleat into the back panel, make eyelets in accordance with marking and pull the tie in.


6. Into right panel, work three main button holes and sew auxiliary button. Into left panel, work one auxiliary button hole and sew main buttons.