SKIRT WITH BAG POCKET (available in English)


MATERIAL: dense material, as denim or cotton velvet.


YOU NEED: denim of 150 m width; 2 zippers; Velcro.




1. Fly front - 1 detail

2. Strengthener - 1 folded detail

3. Back panel - 2 details

4. Pocket - 2 details

5. Front panel - 2 details

6. Back facing - 2 folded details

7. Right front facing - 2 details

8. Left front facing - 2 details

9. Waistband - 2 details

10. Bag pocket 2 details


Clue interfacing: facings, strengthener, fly front, one waistband detail.




1. Strengthen the facings strengthener, fly front and one waistband detail with clue interfacing (press thermal interfacing to left side with hot iron).


2. Sew darts into panels, press towards center. Sew fly front to front right panel right sides together. Fold fly front into wrong side. Work the joining seam and press it.


3. Sew back centre seam. Sew front centre seam from the fly front down to slit mark, the press it apart and topstitch the slit.


4. Press pocket upper edge into wrong side for 0.5 cm and stitch on 1 mm from edge. Press pocket allowance inside, coincide it according to corresponding lines on panels and topstitch on 1 mm.


5. Zipper. Press front left panel center seam into wrong side. Press strengthener along the centre right side out, work open edges. Sew the zipper under allowance edge along left edge, teeth closely to bend. Underlay the strengthener with its bend to the center so that worked edge hides zipper band. Pin the split coinciding front center lines. Sew free zipper band to right zipper fly front; do not catch front panel fabric. Topstitch front right panel along zipper according to marking, catching fly front and folding strengthener out. Stop stitching 1.5-2 cm before center seam. Then fold strengthener out and continue the stitch up to seam.


6. Sew front facings with back one along side edges. Press allowances apart. Sew facings and waistline right sides together. Press allowance into facing. Work waistline with lower facings, fold them into wrong side and press. Topstitch open edges of lower facings alongside upper ones joining seam.

7. Turn over hem allowance along hemline, press, then topstitch. Topstitch Velcro on facings.


8. Sew darts into bag pocket. Sew bag to each waistband detail right sides together. Do not sew zipper split in upper bag joining seam. Press joining seams apart. Sew zipper between waistband and bag. Fold waistband details right sides together and work along contour catching bags details. Fold the waistband into right side, work, press and topstitch along the edge, joining bags details. Sew Velcro to waistband ends.