MATERIAL: soft cloth, wool crepe, gabardine.


YOU NEED: soft wool of 150 m width; clue interfacing; zipper.




1. Front panel facing - 1 folded detail

2. Back panel facing - 2 details

3. Back panel - 2 details

4. Front panel - 1 folded detail


Clue interfacing: strengthen facings with clue interfacing.




1. Sew darts into front and back panels, press towards center.


2. Sew back central seam from the zipper mark down to vent mark. Sew side seams. Sew zipper in.


3. Sew side seams of facings. Sew facing and waistline right sides together. Cut seam allowance closely to edge, fold into facing and topstitch along the edge. Fold facing into wrong side and sew to dart depths and seam allowance. Fold facing ends and sew to zipper bands.


4. Turn over hem allowance along hemline, press and topstitch. Press the one-piece lining of vent (back left panel) along bend line into wrong side and sew to hem. Sew lengthwise vent allowance (back right panel) as narrow as possible. Topstitch back left panel above the vent by diagonal, catching vent allowance.